Plum Island/ Ipswich Bay Area Salinity Project

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Summer of 2019

This summer, the robotics team moved out of the shop and into the outdoors! In congruence with the Ipswich Sailing Summer Camp, the Ipswich High Robotics worked on a project to measure salinity levels in the Ipswich Bay Area. This partnership allowed us to teach kids about the application of technology and robotics in the real world. We tested salinity and temperatures in varying places around the area. With the guidance of their mentor, Chris Reif, they were able to build measurement kits to help continuing to collect this data in the future ensuring the safety of our environment. For further reading click the following links.

Students use grant to study water quality in Plum Island Sound.

Ipswich High robotics team works on system that may help open clam flats.

Above: Captain Lucas Goldsmith(Left) , Brendan Hopping(Middle) and Electrical Lead Ethan Kanter(Right)