COVID-19 Update

As many of you may have heard, the 2020 Infinite Recharge season has been cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns. Though this was a devastating decision for FIRST teams around the world, it was made with the best of intentions to keep FIRST teams and their families safe.

Even though we were not able to compete this year, we are grateful for the other events that we were able to participate in during the build season including our visit with team 4909, the Billerica Bionics in February. We also had a wonderful time welcoming 9 new members to the team who are now ready to apply their new skills to the 2021 season.

Our parents and mentors have worked so hard to help us through our tough times, celebrate our triumphs, and keep us fed this season. Thank you to everyone who made our season possible this year!

You may be wondering what a bunch of robotics kids are doing while they’re stuck at home without their bot. We have been using our technology skills in new ways to continue our training, learning and meeting while in quarantine. We host bi-weekly club meetings via Zoom, and many members are participating in additional meetings for our off-season projects including the new website, online outreach, and planning for the IJS salinity project that we will hopefully continue this summer. Many of our members have also joined our new team Minecraft server where we can continue to be creative and “build” together.

The effects of the coronavirus have been challenging for all of us, and it is very frustrating that our current problems are too large for us to fix with math, zip ties and duct tape. However, we can work together to help stop the spread of the virus by staying at home whenever possible, following social distancing guidelines, and making smart choices. We are so fortunate to have an army of healthcare heroes who are willing to help treat infected patients, and all they ask of us is to keep ourselves and our friends, family, and peers safe.

Let’s stop the spread!